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About Us

Welcome to Portner's Landing!

Portner’s Landing is a homeowners association located in Alexandria, Virginia made up of 20 townhomes in the “Brewery” and 36 condominium units in “Portner House.”
Built in 1999, the property is named for the Robert Portner Brewing Company that existed on this spot starting in 1865 until 1916 when Prohibition ceased its operations. In its heyday, Portner’s was the largest brewery in the South, and Alexandria’s largest employer.
Recommended reading: "Robert Portner and his Brewing Company" by Timothy J. Dennee:  
More about Robert Portner:  https://portnerbrewhouse.com/about/

Portner's Landing is in a prime location in Alexandria, VA. There are many shops and amenities a block or less away:
  • Trader Joe's (612 N. St. Asaph)
  • Harris Teeter (735 N. St. Asaph)
  • Capital Bikeshare Station (N. St. Asaph & Pendleton)
  • Sunday in Saigon (682 N. St. Asaph St.)
  • Fedex Office (685 N. Washington St.)
  • Talbots (601 N. Washington St.)
  • Royal Restaurant (734 N. St. Asaph St.)
  • Zento Restaurant (693 North Washington St.)
  • Hank's Oyster Bar (600 Montgomery St.)
  • Ann's Dry Cleaning (692 N. St. Asaph St.)
In addition, there are many other places of interest within a short distance:
  • Reagan National Airport (3.9 miles)
  • Alexandria Union Station/Amtrak and VRE (110 Callahan Drive) 1.4 miles
  • Braddock Road Metro- blue/yellow lines (700 N. West St.) 8 blocks
Nearby Parks:
  • Mount Vernon Trail (Wythe & N. Fairfax) 4 blocks
  • Charles Houston Rec Center (901 Wythe St.) 3 blocks
  • Oronoco Bay Park (Wythe & N. Fairfax) 4 blocks
  • Founders Park (351 N. Union St.)
  • Montgomery Park and Playground (901 N. Royal)
Alexandria City:
  • Barrett Library (717 Queen St.) 5 blocks
  • Alexandria Visitor's Center at Ramsay House (221 King St.) 9 blocks
  • City Hall / Market Square (301 King St.) 8 blocks
  • Old Town Farmer's Market (301 King St.) 8 blocks
  • Post Office (1100 Wythe St.) 6 blocks